Outdoor sports throughout the UK

Guides, permits, transport, dogs, accommodation, all arranged . Trips tailored by experts are an established owner managed agency to make your experience memorable!

We comply with the EC Package Travel Regulations. We live & work in Scotland – this way we know all our areas well – this gives our customers a great advantage over others who book with tour operators who are not located near the hunting areas.

Scotland Red Stag, deer hunting/stalking , Roe Buck, Fallow, Red Hind. Sika stags & hinds. Highland lodge, guest house and hotel accommodation fir hunters arranged.

Poland Driven Wild Boar & deer & boar stalking.

South Africa East Cape & Limpopo / Northern Provinces- Plains game, trophy hunts, management hunts, sightseeing, bird shooting. See more information.

We advise people when it comes to organising hunting / shooting for game birds , Pheasant, Grouse, Partridge, Duck,  Geese,  Hare, Rabbit, Woodcock,  Mountain Hare.

Either Walked up or driven.

Shopping trips, historic tours, castles, gardens or any other points of interest can also be arranged.

Sports on a course

One of the best outdoor sports in the UK is airsoft. With hundreds of airsoft sites across the UK, you are sure to find the one that offers the right experience and game modes for your requirements. Don’t forget to purchase your equipment from a creditable supplier. Country Sports UK recommends Socom Tactical for all things airsoft. Take your pick from a wide range of guns, including assault rifles, conversion kits and grenade launchers. Available airsoft guns here.

Planning on a sporting trip to the land down under?

If you’ve planning on a trip to Australia and are heading to Brisbane, there’s a fantastic range of golf courses that you’ll truly enjoy under the Australian sun. There’s a wealth of private golf courses that can be booked to play on across the Gold Coast. For more information, click here.