Outdoor sports throughout the UK

Guides, permits, transport, dogs, accommodation, all arranged . Trips tailored by experts are an established owner managed agency to make your experience memorable!

We comply with the EC Package Travel Regulations. We live & work in Scotland – this way we know all our areas well – this gives our customers a great advantage over others who book with tour operators who are not located near the hunting areas.

Scotland Red Stag, deer hunting/stalking , Roe Buck, Fallow, Red Hind. Sika stags & hinds. Highland lodge, guest house and hotel accommodation fir hunters arranged.

Poland Driven Wild Boar & deer & boar stalking.

South Africa East Cape & Limpopo / Northern Provinces- Plains game, trophy hunts, management hunts, sightseeing, bird shooting. See more information.

We advise people when it comes to organising hunting / shooting for game birds , Pheasant, Grouse, Partridge, Duck,  Geese,  Hare, Rabbit, Woodcock,  Mountain Hare.

Either Walked up or driven.

Shopping trips, historic tours, castles, gardens or any other points of interest can also be arranged.

Planning on a Sporting Trip to the Land Down Under?

If you’ve planning on a trip to Australia and are heading to Brisbane, there’s a fantastic range of golf courses that you’ll truly enjoy under the Australian sun. There’s a wealth of private golf courses that can be booked to play on across the Gold Coast. For more information, click here.