Sports Training

Training regimes have moved on from the 1970s in the professional game. Fitness, as well as diet, is regarded as being very important. If you want to train like the modern day professional you need to try to maintain your fitness over the summer. Try going for a five mile run once a week as well as visiting your local gym for a weights session. Have a drink by all means but try to do it in moderation.

Take your fitness further with Love Fitness Education

Love Fitness Education’s CPD Kettlebell programmes are fully REP accredited. Designed and delivered by the UK’s most respected Kettlebell experts, the CPD will enable you to advance your fitness career and add an additional and highly desirable skill to your existing portfolio. Upon completion of the course, you will be fully competent and confident in designing and delivering efficient and engaging Kettlebell programmes for your clients.

The programme is taught at convenient and easily accessible, central London location on a full time basis over the course of a two day period. Please note, you will also be required to be available for an additional date in order to complete the assessment stage of the qualification. All instructors delivering this programme are fully qualified industry professionals, ensuring you receive the highest possible standard of tuition.

The CPD covers all aspects of Kettlebell training and instructing, ensuring that you have an in-depth knowledge of the theoretical subject matter as well as a full, technical understanding of the practical skills and techniques associated with Kettlebell training. Areas covered include The Benefits of using Kettlebells, The 8 key exercises and their variations, and The Scientific Rationale for using Kettlebells.

Their Kettlebell courses are suitable for qualified and experienced gym instructors as well as those already holding a relevant Level 2 qualification. Due to the nature of the programme, a reasonable level of fitness is also required from all students.